Lockdown and Loaded A Poem

Boring drivel from the Dominic Raab courtesy of FT
Lockdown and loaded.
Been in lockdown for 3 months, no friends to see, 
How would we cope all huddled together, 
Just Dave, Christian, Fran and me.
Thank fuck we had such lovely weather.
Fran was delighted to be home from school,
No anguish, no sensory overloads or chaotic classes,
Being at home was so cool,
No more mingling with the masses.
Days spent in the garden, planting seeds, digging borders,
Time on our hands now we are furloughed,
There are no more workplace orders,
Riding bikes, baking, cooking is our new workload.
Stay at home, save lives, save the NHS, not going out is the best.
I ventured out to ride my bike to keep me sane, 
The bird song was so high pitched, almost shrilling, 
I would never want the forest to be open again.
Not drowned out by cars, dogs or planes, no one yelling. 
Everything closed, all was quiet, peaceful and silent,
No last orders from the pub nearby, 
No gangs of youths being violent.
Quiet nights instead of that drunk cry.
No traffic, no planes, very little pollution,
We had time to think, reflect and discuss, 
was this the planets survival solution,
A pandemic to make us all superfluous.
Stay at home, save lives, save the NHS, not going out is the best.
But now the lockdown is easing,
Shops are open people venture out,
First with trepidation then numbers increasing,
The noise comes back, I hear too many kids shout.
Go to the pubs and cafes they say,
Buy as much shit as you can, what baloney,
Support local business, hooray, 
Spend, spend, spend for the economy.
Sunak has promised jobs for the young,
Got to stave off the mass unemployment,
6 months of work then you are done,
Back to being jobless, hungry and can’t pay rent.
Stay at alert, save lives, save the NHS, going out is the best.
Leicester’s on lockdown no lifting of restrictions,
Everyone despondent, desperate to be normal,
All the while the virus is spreading causing afflictions,
Some blame the minorities for a virus this awful.
I won’t be going out to the pub,
Nor will I que to buy crap clothes at Primark,
I am not interested in eating café grub,
I would rather just ride in the forest or park.
It’s all a bit sad as we are pushed to go back,
No reward for the care workers, tough shit bitch,
No peace for the planet taking all the flack,
Buying crap to make a handful people even more rich.
The government lacks creativity to get us out of this mess, 
I listened to Boris and his bum chum,
They have taken socialist policies but not at their best,
When the simplest answer is a universal basic income.
Stay alert, it’s your fault, you didn’t follow procedure,
The second wave is coming, 
but it won’t affect Dominic Cummings.

How have you coped with the easing of lockdown?

Are you continuing to live in a social bubble?

Love to here from you!

Stay safe folks ...... 

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