Growing Potatoes in a Sack

I sowed potatoes for the first time,
Grew them in sacks of compost with enzyme.
I planted the seeds in April this year,
Overnight masses of green shoots would appear.
Now it’s July and they’re ready for picking,
Hands dig deep, what will I find, it’s quite forbidding.
Harvesting potatoes is like digging for gold,
Like buried treasure hundreds of years old.
My hands are dirty as I scramble around,
Looking for those yellow nuggets hidden in the ground.
They look so bright against the dark brown compost,
Potatoes are just as beautiful as growing cosmos.
I shovel out the dirt right to the sack bottom,
Only to find a lot are actually rotten. 
It makes me think of famine as I dig,
How precarious our food supply still is?
I imagine farmers in faraway fields,
Nervous of what their crops will yield.
Fighting off pests, terrified of locust, 
What they must endure to keep their focus.
Or in Ireland 1845, the history of potato blight,
Successive crops destroyed; I feel their plight.
Millions starving, I just can’t imagine their fear,
Seeing your staple food disappear year after year.
Growing my own food has made me realise,
The fine balance of eco systems, climate and polluted skies.
The scales are tipping as we lose our biodiversity,
We cut down rain forest for animal feed, what a travesty.

Colanders full of my potato haul,
Into a pan with water and salt, a good result all in all.
Once they are cooked, drained and smothered in butter, ready to eat,
I think about how food is grown and it's quite an amazing feat.

Published by Tomboymum

Just sharing loads of life experiences that are interesting, mundane, mad and sad.

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